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My First Expectant Mothers Day

For the past 24 years of my life I’ve been a daughter to an amazing woman I call mommy. I’ve spent mothers day with her every year celebrating her and all shes done for me and my sister. Of course I took the day seriously, as seriously as I could being a daughter, but this year for the first time I looked at Mothers Day through a fresh set of contact lenses.

It started while I was shopping for gifts for all the special moms in my life. I couldn’t help but wonder if anyone was shopping for me too. I bought myself a little ring holder dish with gold inscripted “MOM” on it and thought about how one day my little girl would be saying “Happy Mothers Day” to me. Then I thought about whether BD (baby daddy) was gonna reach out to me and say it too (that’s another story for another day).

A couple days before Mothers Day was the “Spanish Mothers Day”, and my grandma sent me a video on Facebook of a mom meme dancing to a song that listed all the duties and admirable qualities of a mom and I broke down in tears (maybe it was the hormones?).

Funny enough I showed it to my mom later and she didn’t have the same reaction as I did. It must have been the hormones, but I really felt what the lyrics were saying.

On Mothers Day, my mom arranged to surprise my grandmother at her house with a special Mothers Day breakfast at “Chez Nicole”. I picked up my grandma and she had a card and a balloon for me! I melted…

We stopped by the grocery store on the way to my moms and I bought a couple bouquets of flowers for mom & gma so I could arrange them in the cute little moms day mason mugs I got them. There were so many people in the flower section picking out the perfect bouquet for that special wo-mom in their life that I was once again overwhelmed with emotion, just thinking about how many moms were gonna be receiving flowers (& at how much money the store was making). 

We finally got to “Chez Nicole” and surprised my grandma to which she said ” I’m glad because all the restaurants we passed by had really long lines”. Inside my moms country cottage chic style apartment were flowers, cards and balloons neatly decorated on her coffee table. The sweet sound of French music and my favorite aroma-food, filled the air. 

The Chez Nicole menu consisted of: 

fruit & whip topped cheese blintzes

Chicken sausages

Orange juice and/or coffee 

Yum -Breakfast was I had seconds and craved thirds. Thanks Mom

After we ate we all opened and read our cards. My mom got me the cutest mom-to-be card!
We went to church after, where they gave all the moms (and to-be’s) a mug that says “She Rises, Right After Coffee. So cute! Following that, my little (taller) sister Cameron treated us all to Korean BBQ- which was so yummy.

Needless to say this was my best Mothers Day yet. I got to really take pride in my expectancy and see how important it is to be a mom, and why we shouldn’t just celebrate mothers on mothers day but everyday. Nobody would be here without a mother.

The sad fact also dawned on me that not everyone has their mother in their life and or, hasn’t experienced motherhood yet. To those people I pray for encouragement and opportunity- moms (and dads) don’t have to be biological. A mother figure deserves just as much (if not more) celebration.

Making the decision to be a mom was the hardest one I’ve ever made in my life- and it required putting God & myself first in my life. Its taught me to love myself unconditionally.

Although I’m only 24, single, pregnant & unemployed

I feel like God’s given me the best job in the world,

Being a mommy…




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  • Reply Tish

    please excuse my typo.

    May 26, 2017 at 7:29 pm
  • Reply Tish

    Hi Casey..First congratulations on becoming a first time mom it’s do exciting. second we never met but I am your cousin. I am Danny daughter..I just loved this blog and how so descriptive you are. I love your have given your blog viewers a trip into your
    I love how you appreciate cousin Sandy(your mom) and grandmother..and the love you have for them is inevitable. yes love them down, because they will be there for you through eternity, and your baby will need them to..what a way to show your baby when baby come how much love will be shown. great job with your blog and I wish you much success in your endeavors..keep up the great work..

    May 26, 2017 at 7:28 pm
    • Reply Casey Jordan

      Hi Tish,
      I really appreciate your comments!
      I think we have met actually at a family reunion – but it was over 10 years ago. I hope all is well. I’ve realized how important family is – even more so now and that you’re right, mommy always has my back. Don’t know where I’d be without her. I’m glad to have heard from you and hope to see you when I bring baby girl out there next spring (tentatively). Send my love to your dad and the fam!

      May 26, 2017 at 8:07 pm

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