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Greatest Treasure

“Next to the Word of God, Music is the Greatest Treasure of all time”  -Martin Luther

Ohkay so this quote couldn’t be more perfect for my first post on music.

A little background:

I grew up in a highly musically inclined family

My great grandfather David Baughan was a tenor vocalist for The Drifters

Which is probably what made my grandpa- Stuart Bascombe of Black Ivory

and my “step-grandpa?” Edmund Sylvers of The Sylvers

so appealing to my grandma, and I can’t blame her.

There’s just something about music that brings people together 😉

That said- I grew up listening to a lot of R&B, Disco, Funk, Smooth Jazz, Soul etc.

Whether it came from my grandmas record player, my moms stereo or my dads car stereo

it was all around me and I couldn’t help but sing along.

By kindergarten my mom enrolled me in a Lutheran school

where I learned to read music, recite hymns and play hand bells

Some time later, after we became Christians, my mom joined the church choir (Oasis LA),

and eventually became the kids praise and worship director

defaulting my sister Cameron and I, to be kids praise leaders.

The rest is history!

20 Years later and I’m a Grammy winning artist & songwriter for

Beyoncé, Rihanna, Gwen Stefani, Fergie, & Pharrell !!!

– Amen!

Well, not yet… But, if you want it speak it into existence right?

Anyways – you probably get the picture

 I’ve spent a substantial amount of time in and around music.

I’m sure you’ll read more about all that in future posts, but for now take this key.

Music IS the greatest treasure of all time

It’s powerful, life changing, heart warming, body & soul moving,

language-barrier breaking, breath taking & ever sought after.

If you’re passionate about pursuing a career in music don’t give up!

You hold the keys to the greatest treasure.

Unlock it, and you’ll receive your reward.



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  • Reply Alyssa Starr Clark

    Love this post. I love how you spoke things into existence. You will be able to look back on this post in interviews and tell everyone i told you so lol! keep it up.

    May 27, 2017 at 6:18 pm
  • Reply Chris O'Neal

    I like how you speak things into existence !!

    April 19, 2017 at 7:56 pm
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